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Our Story

Food & Family

So who’s Pat? We get this question all the time. Pat was the original founder of Pat’s, a sandwich shop in Pennsville, New Jersey. In 1974, Pat sold the business to three cousins from Greece that worked for him in the shop. Tony, Joe, and John (pictured) took over the store in the spring of 1974 and immediately added pizza to the menu (and to the name). Thus began Pat’s Pizza.


As our family grew, so too did the business, as more cousins, uncles, nephews, and later on sons joined the family business opening more stores in neighboring communities. As the business grew one thing always remained the same - serving delicious fresh food to our local communities.

Throughout the years our menu has grown and has incorporated more than just pizza and sandwiches. Today we are serving delicious pasta dishes, your favorite fried appetizers, fresh and healthy salads, and so much more. But we always stay true to our roots and focus on serving the best food made with the freshest ingredients. We hope to serve our communities for years and years to come!

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